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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75. All of our meals are prepared with 100% fresh ingredients, within 24 hours of your requested delivery day. Because of this, all orders must be placed by midnight Thursday, for the Sunday delivery, or by midnight Sunday, for the Wednesday delivery. It is highly recommended that someone be at the delivery address, during the delivery time, to receive the meals. We will leave the meals on the front porch, inside our cooler bags. If you would like for us to recycle your cooler bags, please leave them on the front porch for us to pickup on your next delivery day. Thank you for your order!

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What is the minimum order: There is no minimum order.

What are the delivery costs: Delivery is a flat $12 for the entire area designated in the shopping cart map.

Can I pick up my order? Currently we do not offer pickup, but will have pickup locations soon. Stay tuned…

How far in advance must I order before my requested delivery date?  All orders must be placed by midnight on Thursday, for the Sunday morning delivery, OR placed by midnight on Sunday, for the Wednesday morning delivery.  A delivery date further in the future can also be selected from our calendar of available delivery dates.

When are my meals delivered: We deliver every Wednesday and Sunday with the exception of some holidays. We deliver to your doorstep by 6am on your scheduled delivery date. Please leave your gate code, if one is required to deliver, so that we will not have to disturb you or miss your delivery date request.

How will my meals be delivered: For all orders in Houston, TX and surrounding areas, they will be delivered in an insulated cooler bag by 6am. The cooler bag will be left on your doorstep.  We will not knock or ring the doorbell. When available, all deliveries to all other cities will receive an insulated shipment via FedEx or UPS, 2 day Ground.

What is the shelf life of the meals: Each meal is prepared fresh the day before it is shipped. We guaranteed they will be good for consumption within 4 days from delivery date. The meals shelf life will dramatically decrease if it is not kept cold. All orders are cold shipped and must be refrigerated immediately upon delivery.

Is your food local and organic: Local and Organic ingredients are used as much as possible; however, all of the final products are not necessarily 100% organic.  Several factors including seasonal availability of certain items contribute to this.

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